Here at The Legacy Center, we understand how important, parent and teacher involvement is for training up children. This is why we have created this Parent Portal, which is designed to be used as a tool to help parents youth leaders, and teachers stay informed and engaged in this Holy Spirit filled curriculum for our next generation.

We are happy to inform you ALL that as an added bonus, each of our six comic books comes with its own corresponding Application Guide that goes hand-in-hand with our comic books. You will find that these guides fuel your ingenuity to help plan what the next fun-filled faith adventure will be. These teachings can be applied in either your youth bible study groups, your children or any child that you would like to share the gospel with. Ultimately expect that children reading these comic books will be IGNITED to POWER UP and live for JESUS.

These invaluable resources are downloadable RIGHT NOW, and absolutely FREE OF CHARGE! In each of these amazing resources, facilitators will find an easy-to-follow, 3-step lesson plan that will actively engage youth in reading and better understanding God’s Word, hearing and responding to God’s voice, and developing moral discernment with the ability to make Godly decisions. Parents, Youth Leaders, and Teachers will find that these application guides are extremely useful and can be used as creative and thoughtful discussion points to engage children in meaningful conversations about God!

Fulfill your mandate to educate and train children up for the battles that they will face. Help us spread God’s word and teachings to further educate the heart and minds of our youth. Partner with us today, to fill these children with the Word of God and the parables of God, and that they will be enriched and fill encouraged to apply these truths to their daily lives.



As a pastor, my heart is to communicate the Gospel of Jesus to every person on earth. Those who know me are aware that I’ll do anything—absolutely anything—to connect Jesus to the hearts of men and women, children and adults. When I heard about The Legends of Lightfall, I immediately saw that it’s a creative and powerful way to share the message of God’s grace and power with young people. Morris Cerullo and his brilliant team have created a comic book series that captivate young hearts (and some that aren’t so young, too). The heroes combat villains of darkness with great courage … which is exactly the kind of role models our kids desperately need.

It’s my pleasure to recommend this series to both pastors and parents. The free, downloadable application guide equips parents and teachers to draw spiritual truths out of the compelling stories so they become engrained in the hearts and lives of the young people. Thank you, my friend, Morris, for answering God’s call to communicate His truth in such a wonderful way!

Tommy Barnett
Global Pastor,
Dream City Church,
Phoenix, Arizona